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Bieber Bodyguard, Hugo Hesny Tells All: Bieber Is A Spoiled Brat

Things are starting to take a turn for the worse. Recently Justin Bieber’s bodyguard was sentenced to do 45 days in jail for an incident that involved a paparazzi’s camera being stolen. He is taking the fall for Bieber and… Continue Reading →

The World We Live In

It’s not surprising why people feel the way they do As if it wasn’t bad already what many people for years had to go through Children killing parents and parents killing their kids Innocent are becoming suspect, some died before… Continue Reading →

Shocking: Kris Jenner Wants Caitlyn(Bruce) Jenner Back

The new buzz in the Kardashian world isn’t that Kim is pregnant with her second child, no it is indeed that fact that even after Bruce who is now going by the name of Caitlyn, had a complete sex change… Continue Reading →

Confirmed: Lil Scrappy And Bambi Are Getting Married

They finally have set a date. After allegedly being engaged for over a year they now are ready to take the next step. As you will recall at the time Scrap and Bambi started dating he was also talking to… Continue Reading →

Johnny Depp Facing 10 Years In Prison

Actor Johnny Depp is in a lot of trouble and could possibly be spending time in jail. The case came about after Johnny Depp landed in Australia on his private jet with his two dogs Boo and Pistol. He never… Continue Reading →

Update: Aaron Hernandez Confesses Why He Was On Lookout.

Former New England Patriot tight end, Aaron Hernandez was reportedly in a prison gang fight that took place on Tuesday. The guards had no idea he was even involved in the incident until he came forward to tell his side…. Continue Reading →

Photos That Make You Go WTF???

Now a days everyone is all about the selfies and catching things on film, in pics or posting about it.  We have found some pics that we just couldn’t resist re-sharing. Epic Driveway Fail. Lets Just Build Around It. Bears… Continue Reading →

New Evidence On Random Naked Woman In Chris Brown’s Home

The story goes that Singer Chris Brown came home to find women’s clothing on the floor as well as the words ‘I Love You’ spray painted in the kitchen. Him and his security team further investigated and found a young… Continue Reading →

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