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Breaking: Mayweather To Throw Fight Tonight?

The most anticipated fight is expected to happen tonight. Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao. People have been waiting for this day. Hotels in Vegas are booked solid. This fight alone has already made Mayweather $200 Million before the fight has even took… Continue Reading →

Jessica Biel: “If Justin Bets On Mayweather/ Pacquiao Fight Im Done”

Seems like trouble in paradise. All brought on by the most anticipated fight of the year, Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao. Many people are betting on this fight and everyone has a side. Turns out that in the Jessica and Justin house… Continue Reading →

Bobby Flay “Real Reason Why I Filed For Divorce.”

Award Winning Chef Bobby Flay and his wife, Law & Order Actress Stephanie March has been separated for the last 3 weeks. Flay has drawn up divorce papers. According to TMZ since they have no kids and a prenup was… Continue Reading →

WWE Possibly Could Be Changed Forever

The WWE Is taking a major hit due to recent events. There Is now a lawsuit against the company for the dangerous performances that the wrestlers are forced to go through. Big Russ McCullough, Ryan Sakoda and Luther Reigns are… Continue Reading →

Wiz And Amber Trying To Rekindle Their Relationship

Rapper Wiz and Amber Rose were seen this past Easter Sunday out and about with their 2 year old son. From pictures It seems as though they are more than just co parents. Recently Amber took to social media and… Continue Reading →

DMX Robbery Was Caused By Hunger?

DMX is reportedly wanted for questioning in a robbery that took place early Sunday morning. According to the man who was allegedly robbed, he and DMX were talking about music when a member from his entourage pointed a gun at… Continue Reading →

What Does Tyga And L.A Gear Have In Common? Underage People..

  On Tuesday Rapper Tyga released his newest shoe. The limited edition Liquid Gold L.A Lights Collection. An overly golden shoe that has lights in the heel. It seems as though he just wants to be a kid again. A… Continue Reading →

Lil Twist: “Can I Just Put Him On A Track And Avoid Jail?”

Rapper Lil Twist has an unusual demand. He has proposed to his lawyer that rather then spend time in jail he would agree to put Christopher Massey on one of his upcoming albums. Back in November Lil Twist and a… Continue Reading →

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