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Mariah Carey Purposely Shows Off Goodies..

Newly divorced Mariah Carey is back on tour. While performing in China this past weekend her attire was more flattering than her music was. Her fans got a little more than what they paid for. This was no wardrobe malfunction…. Continue Reading →

Waka Flocka Released From Jail, Charges Dropped On One Condition….

After Friday’s arrest, Rapper Waka Flocka real name Juaquin Malphurs was finally released. His lawyer said that it was all a miss understanding. Waka allegedly grabbed the wrong bag. His fiance Tammy Rivera had the gun in her bag. Police… Continue Reading →

Amanda Bynes Beat Up For Using “N” Word….

Amanda Bynes has been in the news quite a bit lately. More now because of her allegations against her dad. She took to twitter stating that her dad wanted to have sex with her as a child. In which her… Continue Reading →

Rapper Lil Wayne Arrested For Having 50 Hydrocodone Bottles!…

Rapper Lil Wayne is no stranger to drugs, alcohol or any controlled substance. Our sources say that he was arrested at his hotel room late last night. It was alleged that he had a bell hop carry his bags and… Continue Reading →

Rapper Tyga Was Told To Leave Kylie Jenner Alone Or Go To Jail??

Since Kylie celebrated her 17th birthday party, her and Rapper Tyga have been spending a lot of time together. They have been spotted in numerous place’s together. Spending a lot of quality time together. Our sources say Tyga received a… Continue Reading →

Gayle King Admits She’s Gay… Finally…..

Over decades everybody has wondered the same thing Are Oprah and Gayle really a couple? Well Gayle finally stated that she was gay on national television. Many say that she said it jokingly others on the other hand are putting… Continue Reading →

NFL Commissioner Set To Punish Team Players…

It’s no surprise that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is highly upset with the trouble some of these players have been getting in. Our sources say that he allegedly held a meeting with the team coaches and blatantly stated that if… Continue Reading →

Vikings Player Tom Johnson Speaks On Arrest..

Vikings defensive lineman, Tom Johnson was arrested Sunday morning at a bar for disorderly conduct and suspicion of trespassing. It was alleged that he was intoxicated and was asked to leave the premises. When police arrived he still would not… Continue Reading →

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