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WARNING: Subway Recall On Bread Used To Make Sandwiches

Breaking story: Our sources say that several Subway restaurants have had a recall on the Flatbread. They are at the moment trying to remove all flatbread from the stores that were affected.

Dude Looks Like A Lady.. Bruce Jenner Sex Change Almost Complete

Bruce Jenner, stepfather to the Kardashian Sisters as well as father of Kendall and Kylie Jenner has recently had some “upgrades” done to himself. He was spotted outside of a local frozen yogurt shop called Pinkberry. From the looks of… Continue Reading →

Pam Anderson Turns Down Challenge…Says It’s Stupid???….

The latest buzz in celebrity land is the ASL challenge. It has raised well over $150,000 for the cause. The rules are simple, have a bucket of ice water dumped over you or donate to the charity. Celebrities who have… Continue Reading →

50 Cent Calls Out Mayweather…VIDEO

Apparently Mayweather held an interview stating that rappers like T.I, 50 cent, and Nelly are irrelevant and only use him to boost up their own image. It has been some issues with some of these rappers named and it turns… Continue Reading →

Stalker Breaks Into Rihanna’s House…

Singer Rihanna just can’t catch a break. Police responded to a call early this morning of a break in the Pacific Palisades. When police arrived they found a man naked and swimming in Rihanna’s pool! The man was apprehended and… Continue Reading →

Seth Rogen To Be Indicted On Embezzlement Charges?….

Another celebrity possibly being indicted on embezzlement charges. Our sources gathered information that Seth Rogen has been collecting bogus expense receipts and pocketing the extra money. This very talented, gifted comedian/actor has been on our screens since 1999. Starring in… Continue Reading →

50 Cent Rap Career Over?

It has been over five years since rapper 50 cent has actually put out any music. In the debut of his newest CD Animal Ambition, you would think with the title and cover that this is going to be one… Continue Reading →

Numerous Lawsuits Against McDonald’s Tainted Food…..

With all the allegations against McDonald’s and contaminants in the food, many lawsuits are being filled against this multi-million dollar company. The FDA is now taking a stand and investigating further into the situations. It was not released as to… Continue Reading →

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